There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you have a flock of friendly chickens running around your place. For the beginning “farmer” I highly recommend getting started with chickens. It only takes moderate housing, something to keep them safe and out of your garden and a little know-how and you have yourself the best tasting eggs and chicken dinners you will ever have! While I currently have Buckeyes, Golden Buffs, Blue Copper Morans and Buff Orpingtons for my laying hens, I have had Cornish Cross, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock and Guineas (not really chickens). The Golden Buffs that I have are extremely friendly, they come when called and are exceptional layers!I decided on the Buff Orpington, as they are a broody breed, meaning they will want to raise their own chicks. These broody types aren’t usually the best egg layers, but for a family who is not selling many eggs, they are great and can be dual purpose birds, too! The Blue Copper Morans lay beautiful, dark chocolate-colored eggs! Next spring I plan on adding a heritage breed called Dorkings, for meat. These slow growers are noted for their fine texture and delicious flavor.


Stone Cottage Farm & Garden 2013