Resources - MEN presentation 9/20/15

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Resources for Preserving Your Garden’s Bounty

Mother Earth News Fair

September 20, 2015

Food Preservation in General

1) How do salt and sugar prevent microbial spoilage?

2) National Center for Home Food Preservation


1) Freezing Vegetables

2) Freezing Vegetables


1) Dehydration Tips Herbs & Spices (from Lequip - makers of BPA-free dehydrators)

2) Drying Food


1) Getting Started

2) Home Canning and Botulism


1) Pickling Products


1) The Incredible Health Benefits to You of Traditionally Fermented Foods

2) The Science behind Sauerkraut Fermentation

Disclaimer: While I consider this to be a good start for finding information on preserving foods, one should not consider it an exhaustive list. Preservation methods in these websites do not guarantee food safety or lack of failure. There are many ways to preserve food and many experts. Always use recipes from tested and knowledgable sources and follow directions.

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