The Orchard

When my parents inherited the farm in 1983 they owned an adjacent parcel that contained an old orchard. This orchard had 40 trees at that time and included very tasty old variety apples, red and white cherries, several varieties of juicy plums, and pears. My parents added peaches, an apricot tree (which didn’t survive), and a few more apples. I have since had a nurseryman from an orchard in upstate New York come and take cuttings from many of the only 20 trees remaining to start new trees. He took them back to New York with him to graft them onto rootstock and get them growing. In the spring of 2011 I planted these young trees among the wise, old fruit trees in the orchard. With his help and further research, I hope to positively identify these exceptionally delicious old varieties.


Stone Cottage Farm & Garden 2013